The heart and mind are connected.

So especially late at night i love to write poetry, i don’t write them alot but every now and then i put one together! So here ya go!




She never thought there would come a day.

Where the pain and hate would make her say.
I want to make it better and as she prays.
The sorrow inside grew deeper and gray.
She thought to herself and became afraid.

All the things of her past threw shade.

But the more she kept on the more it won’t fade.

She thought how could someone hate.

Love could mean so much will someone relate?
But she kept on thinking untill her mind became numb.
She began to think her feelings were dumb.
She tossed and turned at night thinking of a solution.
She wished her mind would have a execution.
Maybe she thought if she didn’t think so much who she would be.
She realized how her mind would be more free.
But then she wouldn’t be who she was.
And all these things make her special because.
Those who think deeply feel and love to.
Because the mind and heart they stick like glue.

Thinking deeply you realize facts.

But not just any old life hacks.

There the facts of life that get us through.

The tough times, the happiness and all thats true.
Sometimes we will die inside and hurt more then other times.
But if we don’t hurt are happiness wouldn’t be as worth as many dimes.
We fall and we get back up.
We doubt ourselves then we find more luck.
We get our hearts broken and we ache.
Then we smile again and we pick up our pace.
We realize who loves us and who really doesn’t
When the life was good and when it really wasn’t.
The pain that hurts ends up being great.
Because those that suffer where made for fate.
So if she didn’t think deep would she know what she knows?
Would her heart be as strong and would her soul really grow?
So her heart turned from gray to a solid red.
Her soul and mind no longer bled.
She was at peace with her heart and her mind.
They were what fed the soul, because they intertwined.

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