You can’t have your cake and eat it to.

 Right after my birthday last year i created my blog. I wanted to post little devotionals or whatever i wanted to put out in words. I created my blog that way i had somewhere to put my poetry for my friends to see and i would sometimes share the link on my story on instagram. I haven’t used my blog in awhile, but tonight as i sat bored i decided to share something about what God has put on my heart about 1 Corinthians 15:33. As i go throughout life finding the the people i choose to invest my time in, my friends, acquaintances, or who i follow on social media. I’ve learned to let God speak to me of who to create my world of friendship around. For who i talk to most, and invest my time in, growing up in this generation, i know that my morals are in my back pocket waiting to be used. Looking at others life styles as if i was raised knowing right and wrong as in the back of my head thanking God i know how to take my stand with his help, while knowing i am no better then anyone else, the only difference is that i’m a sinner thats saved by him and others may not be. Sadly theres so many people lost not knowing how lost they really are. As my example,  learning i can’t have my cake and eat it to, devepoling great friendships with guarding myself from sin. Gossip ends at a wise person ears, and Sin shown from broken homes and lifestyles……Having my eyes open and my heart yearning as i’ve realized i’m blessed, but my heart yearning for others. Surrounding yourself with good moral people is important, but sometimes we slip being blinded with the devils way of making things look innocent, like sinful sounding communications around you is ok or is funny,but its not… keeping christian friends in your back pocket, it never works. The devil destroys when we aren’t looking. Building distractions we have no idea how he builds. Yet before you know it you realize it is easier to sink your thoughts into a different world view and forgetting your ways of thinking rather then walking away…….. corrupting the way you act and think.
Listening to the holy spirit tell you when to walk way is important, he knows what we need most, theres danger in not listening to him. Being good examples of Christ, when we see a person drowning, we can help pull them out, we see then that there soaked, sometimes we can help dry them off, other times we will be pulled into the water, and as Gods child i would rather be safe with him then drown. 
1 Corinthians 15:33 33 Be not deceived evil communications corrupt good manners.

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