God keeps his promises



Even when it doesn’t seem like it, look up to God and ask him. God how can i find happiness in such a difficult time?

Is it even possible? At times i haven’t thought so, and didn’t look to him and asked him how am i even okay? I wasn’t fine at that time, and at the moment i didn’t want to be happy as i was to busy wallowing in being immature about my small worries and sadness. While i was selfish knowing other people have bigger problems. We can find happiness in such difficult places if we ask God for joy, and ive failed to do that a lot and then i wonder why i’m unhappy. The Bible says if we ask the Lord and if it is his will we will receive. And of course it’s Gods will for us to have joy in him. Theres no other way to have true joy in our hearts then praising him.  There was this one time through my year of being 14, I was always upset, always worried about something, stressing twenty four seven, i cried a lot and battled lots of anxiety, sometimes still do. There wasn’t any other reason for the things i faced except that i wasn’t turning to God for my stress. My sister K went to college that year (i’m the youngest) and i was with my parents at home with nothing really ever to talk about. I still didn’t turn to God and was being very dumb. Whether it was a fight with a friend, or just having a bad day i was upset so much more that year then i can count. This was way before i made it a daily routine to spend time with God. The less i went to him and the less i prayed the more miserable i was. I couldn’t even really get through school. I needed help, but never got the real help that was gonna make me happy. I temporarily got help though, by texting friends, and hoping to make the best of the day through my own power not Gods power, so that obviously wasn’t my fix. When we try to be in control our selves anxiety floods in our lives like a 5 week rain storm that just ended and our back yards are flooded and we can’t drive because the streets still have rain water. I tried controlling my issues with my friends myself, i kept myself awake at night wondering what to do. Wondering how to fix certain things when all along God was like yo what are you doing i’m right here. Come to me.  Have you ever tried to temporarily fix something? There’s solution after solution of fixes out there for anxiety and depression, like what we eat or spend our time doing but i know what fixed all my crazy issues and all haha. It was God that could only make it better for me. I probably have gone a year before without true happiness because of not trusting the Lord. But i find happiness again when i count my blessings despite who’s hurt me, or what goes on, when i look to him it’s okay again. Because there’s joy and peace in his promises and comfort praying knowing he’s listening.  And no matter how many promises man has broken God keeps his promises. So hold on to his promises and have peace in them. Whatever it is God has in his hands. One of Gods promises is Philippians 4:19  But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. If we obey God in our lives and serve him he gives us the things we need, and takes care of us, which in itself is amazing, this is something that has given me a peace of mind, it reminds me that if hes strong enough to give me what i need, then why wouldn’t he take care of everything else also. Another promise by God is Psalms 37:4 – Delight thyself also in the LORD, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Meaning if we give God the glory and make him the center of our hearts he will give us our hearts desire, as long as are desires honor the Lord. I love that verse because it shows me that God cares so much about me, that he takes care about what my heart longs for. Not the last promise, but the last i’m going to share is Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Which means if we love the Lord, (which is done by learning more about him and giving him praise) that the things we fret or worry over, and the things that fall apart, work together for good because he takes care of them. Find peace and joy in his promises, trust him! Have a great day!

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