Smile :)

Smiling is powerful. Smileing through pain, can be a cover up, that’s powerful in its self. But look on the bright side, isn’t it great how we have the ability to maybe be going through something so harsh but still are living the life by God still getting us through it. When i have a bad day, i try my best to be thankful, it can be so so hard, so i pray for my attitude, and thank God for the day. Because looseing gratitude, I know is just going to discourage me even more. No not all the time do i e7ab0efd45f9779322d14b4cf0da7d35look to the Lord and pray when I’m upset. I should, but i fall apart, we all fall apart, we’re human. Smiling through difficult times, isn’t a must, it can be used as a tool. As the devil wants us discouraged, smiling shows him  “No God’s got this.” Smiling is a way when we think about it, to praise God for his goodness while hurting, and helps us not to loose faith. It sucks and hurts to smile when we are in pain. But it works, it’s a way of keeping faith, it’s a way of not giving up. Praising God in the storm when were going through something is important, because we can’t loose our faith, it’ll will be okay, don’t give up.

Psalm 71:14 But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more.

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