Every Morning

Every Morning before school, no matter what time it may be, I try my hardest to save some time to spend time with God and thank Him for all he has done for me to begin my day. That may seem topical for any Christian to say, but I’ve learned how important it is to spend time with him to learn how to have a better attitude about some things and control my emotions. I used to not always spend time with Him, but now that I’ve started, it makes things throughout my day better and complete.  Knowing of many truths in God’s word, it gives me a peace of mind and puts joy in my heart. I’ve had really high anxiety before and I used to have to drag through my day, but as there’s so many anwers out there. God’s word is the best thing that calms me down. I hate reading and it used to be a struggle to really read anything. But as I’ve asked God to teach me more about him, it hasn’t been that hard. Anxiety and thinking so much isn’t fun, but when we pray about things instead of worry,  it helps so much.  I’ve learned that over time with how loud my mind is, with His help it quiets down.  I have had anxiety away from home before and almost freaked out at certain times. B2017-05-15_11.33.02eing in a loud place was hard. The drop in your stomach, then you suddenly feel like you need to run out of the room. But really it’s all gonna be okay. If we fill our minds with God’s word, when we are out in public, He is faithful to help us remember what we have read to comfort us. So as I’ve defeated my anxiety with God’s help and I know you can too! Philippians 4:6.



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